Saturday, October 26, 2013

My top (15) apps on Android

Sometimes I get asked, which apps I have installed on my smartphone or tablet and which of this I really use. Well, I have installed a lot of apps, I think most of the time around 100 on each of my devices and I use most of them at some degree. Apps I don't use at all getting uninstalled from time to time to clear up my devices. Of course, only a few of this getting used on a daily base and that is what I want to talk about now, the apps I use nearly every day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sony QX100 Review - Reloaded


Sony has released the QX100 and the QX10 a few weeks ago.
This lens-cameras are a bit of a new segment in photography, that does not fit into the known categories so well. Basically it is a objective with optical zoom that also contains an image sensor as well as a battery and a micro SD-card slot but is missing a viewfinder or any other controls but zoom and trigger it self.
Sony QX100

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New home at Blogger

Hello everyone,

I just opened up a new blog at Blogger and also moved all my picture galleries to Google+.
All in all it means my old homepage ( is about to being closed and all the stuff going on will be transferred to Google+.

In this blog I will be writing some of my thoughts about tech, especially around android, as well as about pictures and photography.

To start off, my first topic will be a review and my personal experience with the new Sony QX100 lensecamera.
When you follow my posts on Google+ you have already seen some of the pictures I took with this new camera. More on this topic and a full review will follow soon, stay tuned.