Saturday, April 26, 2014

App introduction: Timely

Timely is a very beautiful clock and alarm app.

Timely at Google Play.

Just as my last vacation endet last week, Timely got back in focus again as I had to set up the alarm time to get up in the morning.

What is Timely?

Timely basically is a clock app that can be used instead of the default one in your android system. Timely comes with some features and functions as well as with an astonishing look and feel. The design (optical and audio) is just great. The base theme is placed around the appearance of a underwater view with some air bubbles moving upwards now and then. Different colors can be selected as well as different color gradient styles.

Timely - Time and Date view.

What functions does Timely offer?

Besides the basic clock there are three main features, accessable by sliding to the sides.


The timer is just a simple countdown with an alarm. It's very easy to use by just draging with the finger around the edge of the round timer untill the time you wish to set appears. For further adjustment steps in 15 seconds can be added by a button. The timer is started by pressing the mittle of the round and stoped the same way. Once the time has ran out an alarm is played and the timer shows on the screen. It will also show when the screen is locked to switch off the alarm without unlocking the device. Another button resets the timer.

Timer - currently counting down from 20 minutes.


Switching between Timer and Stopwatch is done simply by swiping up or down on either of them.
Start or stop it simply by pressing the button in the middle. Interim times can be taken by a button to the bottom right while the Stopwatch is running and will be shown below the stopwatch. When it is stoped, the reset button can be found at the bottom right.

Stopwatch - also some bubble are just animated in the background.


The Alarm function is simply what the name indicates. But it is very easy to control and very complex in it's options at the same time.
A new alarm time can be set by swiping from the left, where a time line is shown. The base time can be set by draging from there and then just releasing.

Initial set up for a alarm time.

Tabing over the time will decrease the value by 5 min every time, tabing below the time will increase the value by 5 min every time.

Once the alarm has been set it can be customized as well, there are options to set it active only on specific weekdays, set it on or off in total, configure the alarm sound and or vibration mode and more.
There is also a cloud feature which allows to see all your connected devices and allows to configure which of them should response to a specific alarm. This means it is possible to set an alarm on one device, that will go off on another device or on multible devices.

Detailed settings for an alarm.

In the overview of the alarm times it is easy to see for each alarm which one is active, when it will go off (also which weekday) and on which device it will be active.

List of alarms saved and rdy to use.

Same as with the timer function, the alarm will weak up the screen and can be interacted with without unlocking the phone or tablet. Also the app uses further sensors of the device. Means the alarm sound, which will grow in volume, will turn down a bit when the device is moved (like taken up in hand from the nightstand). The volume will go up again when it is not switched off of course. Also there is an option just to snooze for a bit by pressing the big button on the screen or shut it off by swiping up from the bottom.

Alarm screen, slide up to set it off or push snooze for a little extention.


One of the very special features of this app is it's design. It simply looks great. Also there are some options to adjust the three main screens (Alarm, Clock, Timer/Stopwatch) like switching theme or color.

Different clock styles.

Different templates and color settings.


There are some settings  available as well.
Just to mention a few of them:
  • Snooze duration
  • Alarm volume
  • First day of week
  • ...

Settings for Timely.


To me Timely is the most beautiful clock / alarm app I have seen for android so far. Also I really like the soft fading in alarm in the morning with some great melodies to weak up.
Original the app was free with some limited features belonging to design choice which could be payed for to unlock, but some time ago Google just bought it (most likely because of the big popularity of this app) and made it free for everyone.

I use this app as my daily alarm in the morning as well as for every thing I need to time like when I make tea or something is in the oven for a specific time.

By the way, the next aktive alarm can also be shown at the DashClock Widget, see my review about that here: App introduction: DashClock Widget.
Something else I want to mention is that if you set it as your default clock in your android system, you can also set alarms by voice commands using Googles voice control.

For sure, this is one of my most used apps as it became my daily alarm clock and more.