Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nvidia controller as PC controller

Nvidia released a very nice controller along with it's current gaming tablet, the Shield, that now works as a gaming controller for your PC as well.

Shield controller at the PC

The Nvidia controller that got released along with the Nvidia Shield tablet is a great controller for games which design is similar to the Xbox controller.
See my article about the Shield hardware to read more about.

Now with the latest update, GeForce Experience 2.1.2, Nvidia enables this wireless controller to work as a USB cable bound controller for the PC to work without the shield to be active itself.

Nvidia Shield controller connected by USB cable.

You may ask why? Well, it's a very well build controller and to use it even when playing directly in front of the PC is a huge additional feature in my opinion.

Of course you will need the proper Nvidia graphics device, same as for streaming games to the Shield. For more information about, check out the official controller-pc-faq about the controller / PC connection.

Nvidia controller-pc-faq.

The current driver version does not allow WiFi usage, so you will have to connect it by USB cable to the PC.

The headset and mic port will not work when connected to the PC, you will have to use the normal PC input / output, just like with most other controllers.


A great feature I was hoping for as well.

I don't have any other controllers as I was a pure PC gamer (with keyboard and mouse only) before the Shield got released but I learned to love the controller for some games. 

For example, I am playing Shadow of Mordor (a really great game by the way) with the controller at the moment, either by streaming it with the Shield to my TV in the living room or directly at the PC.