Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lollipop @ Shield

Android 5.0 (Lollipop) just got released a few days ago. In fact my Nexus 5 got the update just two days ago BUT yesterday, that's ONE DAY after my Nexus 5, my Nvidia Shield already got the Lollipop-update.

To get an Android update this fast after the official release simply is unbelievable.

Android 5.0 at my Nvidia Shield

Along with the basic Android Lollipop functions the Shield update also includes some additional features.


Nvidia updated the drawing app Dabbler.
The GUI has been reworked completely, all the control elements are now into two layers to the right and left side of the drawing area.

Nvidia Dabbler

Unfortunately I miss about every drawing-skill so I can't really use it, even if I wished I could ;-)


The more important change to me (and probably the majority of Shield users) are the changes to the SHIELD Hub. With this update, Nvidia introduces a new category into the Hub, called GRID GAMES.

GRID GAMES within the SHIELD Hub

What does it do?
Well, basically it allows you to stream PC games ... similar to "My PC Games" where you can stream games from your own PC with an Nvidia graphics card to the Shield.
The difference is, you don't need a PC for the Grid.

What, no PC?
Yes, the Grid is a, lets call it Megaserver, that is used to hold and run the games on and your Shield only streams them like with your own PC. For the next few months (until end of June 2015) the usage is free, afterwards it will change to a monthly subscription service I would assume, but we can only guess at the moment about the conditions.
For more information, visit

Grid Gaming

I have been testing the Grid only short so far and it worked really well. Some games where lagging too much, but the reason behind that is that the server is located in the US for now (and as you might know, I live in Germany). According to Nvidia there will be a better EU support in December, I would guess a EU server will be set up.


I still can't believe, a manufacturer provided an Android update this fast. Other manufacturers also announced to deliver the updates very soon or already started to do so. Seems the update process and support for 3rd party producers has been increased a lot by Google.
Also the new feature for game-streaming is great. I am looking forward to test it out and see what games will be added over the next few months. In my opinion, a brief look into the future of gaming where no big hardware, neither console nor PC, is needed at all, just a relative "weak" device and some bandwidth.