Sunday, March 15, 2015

My top 5 watch faces for Android Wear

Android Wear watches are available now since a while and I was using mine for a few month day by day as well. I want to show you my current favorite watch faces.

First of all I want to apologize for being absence so long, it's been a bit busy in my real life lately. But I want to keep going with the blog on a regular base again and I also got ideas for a few articles already.

Watch Faces

Android wear is available now since summer last year with plenty of watch faces available right now. I was using my Moto360 since November now every day and I really like it. In that time I was testing lots of different watch faces so I want to show off my current top 5.


Pascual is one of the stock watch faces that comes with the Moto360 and can be selected or customized by Motorola's app Connect.
It is designed by David Pascual, winner of the Moto360 Design Face-Off.
What I like in special by this watch face is it's simple design with time, date (including day of week) and especially the calendar ring with upcoming events for the full (24 hour) day, a great feature to keep track on all the meetings of a typical business day.


Watch faces by Zuhanden

I really like the watch faces made by Zuhanden as they show all relevant informations in a very clear way and are extremely customizable. For example you can pick the elements shown as well as adjusting their position (like left, right, top, bottom) or select the units values are shown in like temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


Skymaster is a pilot themed watch face with a very nice style in showing off the information like day of week, weather or the battery level for both, phone and watch.



Ranger is themed to military army rangers with all information available at once. If you like you can even include a compass and an additional 24 hour clock at the outer ring.


Speeds Pro

Speeds Pro is themed at old school racing cars. The special feature or gimmick of this one is a real tachometer which uses the GPS of your phone to measure your current speed. As this is extremely battery draining they also included an additional app for the watch to turn it into a tachometer only while you want to show it and use the watch face with a tachometer style element instead.

Speeds Pro

Tachometer app of Speeds Pro

Watch Maker

Last but not least I want to show off an app to manage or create your own watch faces instead of a specific one. Watch Maker is the app I enjoyed most in that regards.

An example for a Watch Maker watch face.

There are tons of watch faces available for it, some free, others for a few cents and of course, you can adjust them or create your own watch face from the scratch.
The app itself is constantly being improved and gets more and more features and it's really easy to get your own style done.

An example for a watch face I created my self.


Watch faces are a great way to customize the watch to your needs and liking. There are tons of watch faces available for free, a few euro or just create what ever you like yourself.

What is your favorite Android Wear watch face? Just leave a comment, so others and my self could check it out as well ;-)