Saturday, November 9, 2013

App introduction:

Today I want to introduce one of my favorite apps to you,

What is

Basically is a ToDo list, simple as that. But honestly, it's a very good looking one with well thought features and functions.
Its easy to set up tasks and while you enter the description, the app tries to assist you by suggesting different options of what you probably want to enter.

For each task you can also set up more notes to it, assign people to it and of course set up a reminder. By default the tasks are shown ordered by date but they can also be shown in customizable folders.

There is a very nice feature called Moment. It can be triggered manually but it's even better just to set it up to a specific daytime (e.g. in the morning) and it will show all tasks that are queued for the current day. For each of this tasks Moment then asks what to do with it, plan it for today, maybe at a specific time, move it to another day, delete it or mark it done. also synchronizes between different devices and is even available as an browser app for Chrome for example. This way it is possible to follow your tasks everywhere and get reminded.

When a task is finished, simple swipe through it to mark it completed.

It is also available on iOS and Android.

What it's not? is no replacement for a calendar of course.

I also had some problems with the synchronization of the reminders as when marked done on the popping up reminder on one device, a reminder on other connected devices will still show up. All in all that's not a major issue.

What it does for me?

For me, is a great way to manage the daily tasks, private and business. Of course, every ToDo list can do that but with the simple and very clear appearance it is just convincing for me.
Also it helps me a bit in a psychological way as it keeps me driven and incentives me to finish my tasks (like to write an article for my blog here ;-) ).

I have set up the Moment to show up in the morning so I can see what ToDo's I got for that day and plan them, shift them around or what ever.

Another thing I really like on this app is that it also brings a lock screen widget, where you can also set tasks finished (e.g. you can show a shopping list there).

What to come? is available for Android and iOS but there is another app of the same developer already released on iOS and currently in beta for Android. It is a very beautiful looking calendar called Cal that has a great potential and integration of to show the daily meetings side by side with the Todo's. More details on this topic may follow in a different post at another time, so stay tuned.

Further on, the developer also has planes for a Memo and a Mail app too and I would guess with a huge integration of each other as well. So it will stay exciting and I will keep a close look on this development for sure.

If you got a bit nosey, just check out the developers webpage at or get the app for Android or iOS.