Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blog ressurection

Wow, that's been a long time since I posted something at my blog ...

Karin Jung  / pixelio.de

What has happend?

A lot of things happend in the meantime so I didn't find the time to write and also just needed a break. I started to work in a new project within a different company, I also changed employer, spent a lot of time on other stuff like holding a speech at the German Testing Day, a software tester Conference in Germany and other things happend as well.
I also found a new hobby, playing Yoyo ;-)

What's going to happen next?

Some more things will change next year (oh wait, it's 2017 already, so ... this year) in terms of my carrier and even more challenges ahead.
But I also really missed to write this little blog here so I will try to write an article at least once a month so it should result in about 12, maybe more, articles per year.

Outlook to what to come

Topics will be mostly apps and tech gadgets, sometimes maybe even related to some Yoyo content. The video above for example was taken with my new GoPro Hero 5 Session so some content may also include some Yoyo related content ;-)
I also got new headphones, the Bose QC35, so I will do a review and a comparison to my Bose QC20.
The buy of a new chromebook is planned also in January or February which also means even more to write about.

All in all I am looking forward to bring this blog to life again.
See you around.