Friday, August 22, 2014

Sony QX100 - firmware update v3.0

Sony just released the firmware update 3.0 for it's lens camera QX100.


The update brings some features and also includes earlier improvements:

Patch notes.
  • Half-Press shutter function
  • Improves NFS connection

Update process

The update process itself is not that difficult and well explained. Just go to the support site, download the update / tool and follow the instructions.


After the update I realized an annoying BEEP sound every time you focus on something. If this disturbs you (like it does me) you can switch it off in the PlayMemories settings.

Switching off Beep on connected device.

Somehow I missed this option when I checked in first and as I was very angry about this BEEP I contacted the support by email ... unfortunately they did not know about this option as well so my anger even grew (as I just saw, without any reason).
But honestly, I would have expected the support just to point me to the option in the settings that I obviously missed....


Nice update, not to much but worth installing it.
Just turn off that focus sound on the camera by the settings in the PlayMemories app.